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Acushnet is an extremely small town outside the city of New Bedford. Most people that live here are extremely rich, especially if you live in one of those crazy nice subdivisions like Portugee Ville, Apple Blossom Estates, Gabriel Farm Estates, Reservoir Estates, or Golf View Drive, where every house is basically a mansion and everyone has perfect grass. Now if your not part of a cool subdivision then you probably just live on a random mansion on a side street (or a trailer home tucked behind a farm). In Acushnet, basically every 16 year old has their parents buy them an extremely nice first car, like a BMW, Mercedes, Infinity, or a Cadillac. Also almost every single cop is as asshole, and loves pulling these kids over. You know not to speed on Main Street, do donuts at the Highlander, or race down Lake Street. Everyone here is white, unlike New Bedford which is only a mile away. Yet the white people in Acushnet have probably consumed more alcohol and smoked, snorted, or injected more drugs then Ozzy Osbourne. The kids in Acushnet also love throwing “bangas” at their mansions where every gets drunk, has a ton of sex, and takes millions of myspace pictures. The drama is unreal. Acushnet people also have lower car insurance, can choose what school they want to go to, and all know that “the whip” or “the creamery” is the place to be on those hot summer days. Some main hobbies of Acushnet kids are to go cow tipping at one of the 3245 farms, smoke a blunt and run through a farm, or ride their quad…. Acushnet is basically the Laguna Beach of Massachusetts.
That kid goes to New Bedford High, but he lives in acushnet.. he must be rich.
by Mr. Costaa May 31, 2007

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