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A stupid use of saying New Orleans, even though people from New Orleans do not have accents.

An average "Nallins" using person has, curly hair(pubic like), short, chubby, has a scar under his bottom lip, bites off of peoples ideas, and usually has a hot sister and an asian brother.

these people are almost always mistaken for chicken nuggets, they also usually suck at the following:

Call of Duty 4
Halo 3

These are their usual ideas that they might bite:

"To the max"
"Glogging"(which they suck at btw)
"call of dick"
"halo 16"
"60% of the time, it works everytime"

These people also have a really annoying laugh, and a really bad sense of humor.

Tyrone: Yo dawg where you from?
Nathan: Nallins
Tyrone: what the fuck is Nallins nigga, you want some gum in your hair?
by Mr. Chicken Nugget April 27, 2008

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