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An act of revenge due to an unsatisfactory oral sex act.

A man and woman are engaged in simultaneous oral sex (69 with woman on top) and the woman is extremely aroused, therefore, leaving her vaginal excretions all over the mouth and face of her male partner. Little does she know, her female hygiene does not meet the man's standards, so he sweetly says, "Come here so i can kiss you," then proceeds to give her deep french kisses while smothering her with the foul stench of her own pussy juice.

also happens to be a breakfast dish at an East Hollywood diner.
Mike: How'd it go with that chick last night? Dude, she's smokin' hot.

Raymond: It was okay. She was suckin', i was lickin'... um. She's hot and all, but....

Mike: Aw, don't tell me... She stinks?

Raymond: Yeah. But its all good. I gave her the "Bearded Mr. Frenchy."

Mike: Awesome! Me next!

Raymond: No thank you.
by Mr. Chavez July 30, 2009
A response to a statement, conversation, or action of others, and most commonly done out of annoyance, disgust, or hatred. First, observe another person's actions closely and once it becomes annoying let out a big "RIGHT."

Can also be used when the person you're saying "right" to does not know you exist. "Right" can be said under one's breath or in an extremely loud and disturbing manner. Saying "right" while alone is another favorite. Verbally repeating the statement or action made by the other person and followed with "right" is also common.

Also used with a question mark (?) and/or exclamation point (!). The easiest way to express scornfully one's low opinion of. A bitter response.

During a long drawn out speech/female explanation/monologue throw in "right" about 4 to 7 times quietly.
Build up from "right" to "RIGHT" gradually as shown in the examples.
Friend: So I was poundin' this chick right, and I got her legs up past her head and just when I was about to..."

Me: (Abruptly responds)
Right. Kinda poundin' like crazy, right? Gettin' yourself tons of pussy, Right?! RRRIIIIIIGGGGHHHTTTT!!!!!

Friend: (Quietly reading a newspaper)

Me: Right.............. (stares at friend uncomfortably). Kinda updatin' yourself with the rest of the world, right? You're like Mr. Current Affairs now, right?! Nevermind the fact that you dropped outta high school and ya don't know shit, right? RIIIGGGGHHHT.

Me: (Sitting alone in a quiet restaurant with only one other customer. That customer happens to be incredibly obese and eating a god-awful amount of food.)

(To myself while staring at the fat man)
Right? Piggin' out, right? Eatin' away at your life, right? Ya' got no hope for the future, right?! RIGHT!!
by Mr. Chavez July 30, 2009
a phrase used to comment on someone or something that is at least one of the following:

1) overly-emo
2) seeking too much attention
3) inappropriately hitting on someone via internet
4) exposing more of your life than you should be
5) creating a false illusion of one's self
6) way too slutty than a person would normally be

"thats so myspace" brings back feelings from the days when we were all such horrible myspace whores. now living in the seemingly more mature world of Facebook, we use this phrase to frown on all things myspace since we're all such better people now and don't make foolish mistakes like having unprotected sex with a stranger you've been messaging for the past 6 hours with. can also be used when someone is seeking attention by exposing their supposed depression which may or may not be accompanied by suicidal actions/comments. also, "thats so myspace" is used when reminded of the glory days of myspace... the days when the girls were super easy, foolish, and were more than willing to do ANYTHING for some guy she has not yet met in person.
via gawd-awful FB chat:
Raymond: Dude. What's up with your new pics in your profile pics section? And that strangely vague status message that hints at suicide?
Josh: Just been feeling a lil down lately... I feel a slight release of the pain inside when I document these moments with the use of my 16.1 megapixel camera.

Raymond: Geeeezzzz... Thats so myspace!!

Josh: I knew you wouldn't understand. Hey, can you can you come over and help me take some awkward angle pix? My arm is getting tired from doing it myself.

Raymond: No... And once again, "thats so myspace!"
by Mr. Chavez March 02, 2010

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