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When one's roommate catches one in midst of a masturbatory act during the nighttime, caused by the fallacious assumption that the roommate will not be awakened by the sounds of shaking bedposts and heavy breathing.
Dude!... my roommate made a bedtime blunder yesterday and woke me up!
by Mr. Canyon September 05, 2006
1. A contemptible individual, an assclown.

2. When semen is expelled so rapidly it becomes aerated.
1. My boss is a real jizz bubble. He criticizes me in front of other people every goddamned day.

2. Holy Shit!! I banged my girl so hard I got a jizz bubble!!
by Mr. Canyon September 06, 2006
The creamy goo ejected from one's throbbing freudian manhood (penis) during an orgasm, either with a hot to trot partner or with rosy palm and her 5 fingers.
Hawt Dizzayum !!! I got Dude milk all over my jeans after I was readin' that hot new issue of playdude!
by Mr. Canyon October 30, 2005

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