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Redneck superglue is a nickname for duct tape. Which is often used to temporarily fix broken items around the house quickly, and cheaply, just long enough for professional help arrives to properly fix the problem.
Kevin: Hey man the pipe in my kitchen sink just sprung a leak, what should I do?

Bob: Wrap it in some Redneck Superglue, then call a plumber.
by Mr. Cannonball Jones September 08, 2011
Northern Irish Cardio, is what happens when a member of The Irish Republican Army (I.R.A.) throws a molotov cocktail/hand grenade into a protestant church, british army base, or the house of someone who is giving the english information. then running away as soon the building busts into flames or explodes.
Murphy: Hey Sullivan where ya going lad?

Sullivan: Down the road to Kelly's flat, for Northern Irish Cardio.

Murphy: Northern Irish Cardio eh? must've been talking to the brits then.
by Mr. Cannonball Jones July 06, 2012
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