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A prisoner who is forced to occupy the bottom bunk so the other prisoner can rape them more efficiently. Sometimes used to illustrate extreme control used over a person not in jail, for reasons to degrade the other.
Motherfucker you still owe me 80 bucks! From now on your my Bottom Bunk Bitch until we're square! Skeet, skeet, skeet skeet!
by Mr. Bu Grundy June 20, 2010
The bothersome itch between the asshole and genetalia one cannot scratch away.
Man, no matter how hard I try, I can’t shake this Ghost Taint!
I sharted earlier and now I have wicked Ghost Taint!
by Mr. Bu Grundy June 14, 2010
The act of shoving a bag of drugs, and/or or associated paraphernalia, down the front of their pants when a cop is sighted nearby in order to avoid legal troubles. Spongebobing often can lead to Ghost Taint.
'Shit, we are getting pulled over, Spongebob that pipe and the weed, quick!'
'It's too hot, I'll burn my unit!'
'If the cop finds that, I will make you my Bottom Bunk Bitch.'
'I would rather toast my junk than that!'
'You'll only get a little Ghost Taint.'
by Mr. Bu Grundy June 20, 2010
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