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Host to one of the most nauseating talk shows exibiting people of the lowest moral fiber trying to gain sympathy for either

1.being a complete whore and not knowing which of the 10 guys she has slept with is the baby's daddy. Even though it has been 6 different episodes. Boo Hoo! Just can't seem to keep my legs closed. Already have 5 kids and I don't know who they daddies are either!

2.Failing to understand that their partner is a whore and will always fail the lie detector test because they will cheat over and over again. Even though this time it's fr rrreal! Jus cuz he beat me don mean he don love me!!

3.Try to figure out who the fuck is a man or a woman by holding a contest ( just a ruse to get hit on by transvestites)!

4.Having a panel of pre-teens proudly displaying themselves claiming that their vagina is already worn and they is only 12 years old. They smoke weed and drink Hennessy and they even got paid two hundred dollas one time for giving a man a lap dance, and he was all of Thirty years old. It don't matter, you don't know me, I do what I want!

5.Wasting that whole hour recapping past episodes because the producers have nothing new to offer, they've done it all.

7.When all is said and done, you can always turn it on to make yourself feel better because you know that unless you are some in-bred ghetto assed crack smoking ignorant whore, you cannot possibly be off any worse than his guests. Thank god!!
I wuz wachn Maury Povich las yesterday, n he had on that bitch Felicha,you know. That ho who wuz tryin to all up on Ray Ray's grill this pas Saturday night at Jonelle's sister's cousin's crib. That bitch was all tryin to be all shady n shit sayin that he was th baby's daddy after she done went on his show five times already tryin to pass it off on eight other dudes! She crazy if she don think I is gonnna sit herr n not clock a bitch upside her head! She don no! Bitch don no me, I do what I want! I do what I want!
by Mr. Bravo December 17, 2008
queeffartvaginapussyair noun. Another name for Queef. More polite and child like, it portrays an image of air escaping from that majical place between a girl's legs which is velvety to the touch.
Mary giggled so hard that a cookie fart escaped her to her tittering surprise!
by Mr. Bravo December 17, 2008
{noun). When a man gets up from a sitting or squatting position too quickly, inadvertently having his scrotum slip between his legs. As he straightens up, they get trapped tightly underneath his ass cheeks, thus displaying swollen genitalia turning red like that of a baboon.
"I regret wearing boxers today because I got up too fast and got instant baboon ass! Now my balls hurt!"
by Mr. Bravo December 18, 2008
anal sexanusass fuckingshitpenispoopnoun. Shit resin left on your penis after having vigorous anal sex with someone. Shit stain on your penis.
Dude I fucked her so hard in the ass I pulled out with some major dick fudge!
by Mr. Bravo December 17, 2008
blow jobbiterpenisoral intercoursenoun. A person who insists on utilizing their teeth while performing oral sex on a man. someone who clenches onto your dick with their grill while sucking you like you're gonna get away! Please stop! Please please stop for the love of god!
Mike: Yo jack, why you walkin that way?

Jack: Dude, last night I hooked up with that chick, turns out she was a grater. I'm still pissing blood!!
by Mr. Bravo December 17, 2008
bearpolar beargrizzlycubwolfotterleatherbeer bustlumber jackdaddysirhairystockyburlysirly(noun).A group (pack) of stocky hairy(fuzzy) men usually sporting beards and beer bellys. Leather or lumberjack gear optional. Akin to leather bars and gay country bars. Pass times usually include playing pool, watching football, drinking beer and of course snuggling.
Dave: Hey, wanna go to the beer bust at the Wrangler?

Mike: Sure, no shortage of heat mingling in a sea of bears there.

by Mr. Bravo December 17, 2008
Aside from being an Academy Award-winning American actor, comedian, singer and musician.
{noun}. To feel a bit un-easy, queasy,nauseous, like you're gonna fuckn hurl your fuckn guts all over the fuckn floor and shit! Get the fuck away from me you fucking fuck before I fucking puke all over your fucking ass!!!
Fuck! I think I'm fucking getting the fucking Flu, I feel real fucking pesci right now! Back the fuck off!
by Mr. Bravo December 18, 2008

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