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Established in late October of 2004. Most members of the RSN are actually refugees from Yankee Nation, which hasnt won a championship since the beginning of the decade.

Most of the members of RSN are bandwagon fans. They will try to impress you with some story about how they visited Boston as a child and fell in love with the team. Don't buy it. The Red Sox sucked in the 90's, but they wouldnt know it. Half of the members of RSN couldn't give you the everyday starting line up if they tried.

Citizens of RSN frequently:
1. Wear off color team gear such as green or pink. Real fans only wear team colors.
2. Lack of any knowledge of Red Sox history prior to 2004.
3. Have never visited Boston.
4. Are suprised when they find out that they can attend a game without a passport.
5. Are confused when Tim Wakefield has to bat in Philadelphia.
(first baseman misses a routine ground ball through his legs)
Oriole Fan: Man, he really Bucknered that one didn't he?
RSN: What the hell are you talking about?

Oriole Fan 1: Whats that guys problem?
Oriole Fan 2: Ah dont mind him. Just another toolbag member of Red Sox Nation.
by Mr. Boh July 10, 2009

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