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Thizzled up means to be on ecstasy and felling it, Or Trippin On Ecstasy, or is on ecstasy.
MAN< at the rave party we went to last weekend i was so THIZZLED UP on ecstasy it wasnt even funny.
by Mr. Barros March 23, 2008
Old Dirty Bastard his famous song was Got Your Money.
I saw a music video by ODB Not too long ago.
by Mr. Barros March 23, 2008
The Name Feminem was givin to Eminem by Insane clown posse, and Insane clown Pussies Was the name givin to icp from (f)eminem.
Man I went to feminem's concert he was shitty!
by Mr. Barros March 23, 2008

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