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When a man is doing a woman 'doggy-style' and prior to ejaculating, grabs the sheets or blankets off the bed and flaps them like wings while trying to imitate the sounds of a pterodactyl in order to frighten the woman so that her vagina contracts and his orgasm is more intense.
I don't think I'll be seeing much of her anymore, she didn't appreciate the Terre Haute Pterodactyl I laid on her last night.
by Mr. Barista December 28, 2010
A situation where the person you're sleeping next to in bed slowly occupies more and more of the bed throughout the night until you've been pushed all the way to the edge, leaving you with very little of what was once your side.
I didn't get any sleep last night because Brooke's pregnant and she tossed and turned, almost West Banking me off the bed.
by Mr. Barista January 14, 2011
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