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Patio Pull is the term used to describe a female who is seduced into coming on to ones patio for a drink while attempting to walk by. The term patio pull originated in Newport Beach, CA circa 2008 and was made famous by the large number of girls walking up and down the Balboa Peninsula. Balboa Boulevard and Ocean Front Street are two of the best places to find quality Patio Pulls.

Patio Pulls range in all ages but typically are 21-35 years in age and often times are visiting or on vacation. It is proper etiquette not to "Pull" anything that appears to be under 21. The average volume of Patio Pulls is highest June through August but has been know to swell in the September and October months as well.
Jackie just could not resist the urge to come in and have just one cold beer thus becoming a Patio Pull.
by Mr. Balboa July 28, 2010

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