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The beliefs attitudes, and actions of individuals that support or perpetuate racism. Individual racism can occur at both an unconscious and conscious level, and can be both active and passive.
Individual Racism at the subconscious level. A White person who locks their car doors when a Black man walks by, refuses to date an Asian men because of their emasculation, refuses to date a Black women because of her attitude, doesn't want to hire a Latino because they are lazy (these are all stereotypes that he/she may believe)
Individual Racism at the conscious level is having an acknowledged prejudice against People of Color.
by Mr. Andrew April 28, 2006
The results of people of targeted racial groups (Blacks, Lations/Hispanics, Asians, Native) believing, acting on or enforcing the dominant (White) system of racist discrimination and oppression. Horizontal racism can occur between members of the same racial group or between members of different, targeted racial groups.
Horizontal racism occuring between members of the same racial group: An Asian person telling another Asian who is wearing a Sari to dress like an "American". A Latino person telling another Latino to stop speaking Spanish.
Horizontal racims occuring between members of different targeted racial groups: Latinos believing stereotypes about Native Americans, Blacks not wanting Asians to move into predominantly Black neighborhoods, etc.
by Mr. Andrew April 28, 2006
***This definition deals strictly with race/racism racial identity and social justice** Thinking and acting in ways which directly or indirectly support the system of racism. Both White and People of Color can collude with racism through their attitudes, beliefs and actions. Can be described as selling out, going along to get along, etc.
A Black (or any other race) woman (or man) in the office who sacrifices her racial ethnic identity, who ignores the fact that she was chosen only to make the company look diverse and that because she is there the company feels they don't have to hire any more Blacks or People of Color. This woman has colluded (the act of collusion) and for her silence and obedience, the company may give her a promotion.
by Mr. Andrew April 28, 2006
A social construct that artificially divides people into distinct grous based on characteristics such as physical appearance (particularly color), ancestral heritage, cultural affiliation, cultural history, ethnic classifications, and the social, economic and political needs of a society at a given period of time. Race categories subsume ethnic groups. (The US Census Beaureau chooses to recognize six races: White, Black, Latino/Hispanic, Asian, Native and the newly category, other. When it becomes convenient for the United States government to make a category for a new race, a new race is added. Note: the first categorization or race was White and Colored. As it became more convenient for those in power to make more categories, more were made).
My race is Asian, my ethnicity is Korean and my nationality is American (I am a US citizen). Mr. Z's race is White, his ethnicity is Irish, Scottish and Swedish, his nationality is American. Mrs. X's race is Hispanic/Latina, her ethnicity is Colombian, and her nationality is American. (She is a US citizen too).
by Mr. Andrew April 28, 2006
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