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When you have a lot of money
Bovice:You got change for a ten
Orison:Naw all i got is 10 50 dollar bills
Bovice:Damn you caked out today
by Mr. 301 July 21, 2008
A man's sperm or ejaculation. You can only use it if you call your penis the lennon, or any Beatle really.
Girl: i need your beatle juice now take out the lennon, so i can get a good night sleep.
Boy: Hey, Whatever gets you through the night.
by Mr. 301 July 15, 2008
when something is on the highest level or degree, usually in a negative manner.
I can't take it, Mrs. Gartrell breath be on 1000 constantly, i cant talk to her.

The Entertainer:I LOOOOOVE NEW YORK!!!!!
Others: This guy needs to calm down, he on 1000.
by Mr. 301 July 15, 2008
What one would call a penis, in the context that the girls want your beatle juice. Beatle juice because John Lennon was a Beatle.
So many women want to sit on my lennon but they cant get the beatle juice.
by Mr. 301 July 15, 2008

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