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It's Not Just A Toast

It's A Speech A Roast And A Toast

It's A . . . SPROAST
A SPROAST is a Speech A Roast And A Toast.

You can make it as long or short as you want. It allows you to throw in some good Jab's at the person being toasted, as well as the usual "He or She's a Good Friend" part of every Speech or Toast.

As for all your friends, they said you were out of this world. Oh, wait, I'm sorry - I meant “Wished.” Cheers!

Being Ugly is no crime . . . Good thing too, otherwise you'd get the chair! But Seriously, When it comes to friends . . . Cheers!

After all Joe, any friend of yours . . . Is obviously a poor judge of character . . . But Seriously . . . When it comes to needing a frenemy . . . Your Number One . . . Cheers!
by Mr. 1st September 23, 2010

It's Not Just A Toast

It's A "Speech" And A "Toast"

It's A . . . SPOAST
A Toast is Short.
A "SPOAST" is a Speech ending in a Toast

General Example:
To Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Cheers!

Best Man:
Let me start by saying that I met the groom in school . . . Boy were those some crazy time . . . remember when you and ### stole that cow . . . WELL CHEERS!

General Audience:
I know I was supposed to keep my comments short, but before we raise our glasses I wanted to say . . ..

The Street:
Here's To our Home Boys who have fallen . . . Here's to the up and comers . . . Cheers To My G's!

by Mr. 1st September 23, 2010

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