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A tall, strong, smart, great-looking football player that goes a little overboard when he likes someone. The girl he likes never likes him back. Usually gets really upset when that happens because when something doesn't go his way he can always take matters into his own hands and fix it. With girls, its as simple as they don't like him and he has to deal with it.
Britt: Hey look. Is that Billy over there?
Dani: Yeah, I think so.

Britt: You two should go out sometime, you look like you'd be a good couple and I heard he really likes you.
Dani: I don't think so. I just want to be friends.
by Mr. * April 18, 2011
The most amazing girl you will ever meet. All the guys want her to be their girlfriend and all the girls are jealous of her personality and looks. She is a very hot, sexy girl with the greatest laugh in the world. You want to try to make her laugh everyday so that you can her it. Everyone likes being around her. She's never mean to anyone and is really funny. If your girlfriend is Dani then you are the luckiest guy.
Guy 1: Is Dani going out with Billy?
Guy 2: He wishes, I think she just wants to be friends.
Guy 1: So she's still available?
Guy 2: I think so.
by Mr. * April 10, 2011
The smartest, hottest, funniest, kindest, and best all-around girl you will ever meet. Her smile makes you feel like the world has stopped spinning. She is a genius and way smarter than Billy. My big bro likes her and wants to go out with her but doesnt want to ask her out becuase he soesnt think it will ever happen.
Vic, will you go out with my big bro? Please at least think about it.
by Mr. * May 09, 2011

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