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3 definitions by Mr. Sparky

Phrase used to describe going out and playing catch with a frisbee. It rolls off the tounge much easier than "frisbeeing" and a lot cooler to say than "playing catch". It can be accompanied by a slight wrisk-flicking motion to further the point.

...Or if you're really lazy just the wrist movement works.

Me: Hey Seth, you wanna toss some disc? (wrist flick)

Seth: Sure, I think Amaal's coming too.

by Mr. Sparky November 28, 2006
To ejaculate on something you don't want to; whether it be one's self, your keyboard, or various pieces of furniture on which you're wanking off.

God damn, I gregged myself again! Well, at least it's not the couch this time.
by Mr. Sparky August 19, 2006
Sometimes used in reference to ? and The Mysterians, the original sixties garage band from Michigan. Their song "96 Tears" topped the mid-sixties music charts and is now considered a classic garage rock anthem.
Their lead singer, formally known as Rudy Martinez, was a really nutty guy who legally changed his name to question mark(?) and thought he was the messiah of an alien race from the future.
? is a loony, but their music is good.
by Mr. Sparky August 27, 2006