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"The interjection "neh?" at the end of a sentence is equivalent to the Canadian "eh/hey?", or the British/Scots "innit?". Was invented neither by Orson Scott Card nor on the streets of Winona, Minnesota, but rather has been in the language for a good long time without too many people noticing. They still don't. "

- You are mostly correct, but Card isn't "inventing" Neh... his novels suppose a large influence of Portuguese upon the street vernacular, and given the time-line of the novels, he did so quite a while ago. -
"Haven't you heard?" said another boy, a Launchy from a younger group. "Word's out that any Launchy who comes to your practice sessions won't ever amount to anything in anybody's army. Word's out that the commanders don't want any soldiers who've been damaged by your training."

Ender nodded.

"But the way I brain it," said the Launchy, "I be the best soldier I can, and any commander worth a damn, he take me. Neh?"

"Eh," said Ender, with finality.
by Mr-2-Fister May 15, 2011

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