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4 definitions by Mr sirius

A Vagina, 3 kinds:

1. Poonana is a little girls vagina 0-13.
2. Poonani A teenagers vagina 13-20.
3. Poontang a mature womans vagina (quite good) 20-35.
4. Poonono an old vagina often with large muff 35-110.
1. i said dont play with your poonana

2. i saw this girl in the club last night sure she had a poonani

3. i got some sweet poontang last night.

4. oh shit i'm gonna be sic after seeing that poonono
by Mr Sirius November 01, 2005
a quick way of saying mother fucker, just say it out load and see
Piss off you mudfugger
by Mr sirius October 17, 2005
Originally a song by Kraftwerk but made better by german band Rammstein, althow Kraftwerk didn't see it that way.
Sie ist ein Model und sie sieht gut aus

Hey you hear that thats the Rammstein version of das model, it's much better.
by Mr sirius January 13, 2006
Eating out of you girl friends vagina
i'm gonna go home and get some supper outa my girl
by Mr Sirius October 20, 2005