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A sweet girl who makes everyone happy. She never seizes to stop making you laugh and when she enters a room, she makes it light up. She is a ball of fun and is outgoing. Being extremely attractive, she makes guys drop to their knees. Only the most respectable man would be able to be with her. Raichel is really cute and has a great sense of humour and personality.

She is playful but knows when she needs to be serious. Raichel is intelligent and is basically the most perfect girl you will ever meet. Raichel is flawless in every way.
Is that girl Raichel? Wait, it obviously is she is the dream girl!
by Mr Nice Guy April 17, 2014
The action of whacking something with one's hands or solid objects to try and get it to work.
Person A: My PC won't boot up :(

Person B: Just hit it with a hammer and it'll be fine.
by Mr nice guy May 24, 2005
The injury gained as a result of being attacked by a ninja.
Ouch, I've got a painful ninjury on that knee!
by Mr nice guy May 24, 2005

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