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Hitting someone in the face with a gun. Tijuana Cops use a special method when they hit with the whole side of the gun to leave as little visual damage as possible. When they whip you they usually screams "TOMAWAE".
Cop: I pistol whipped him so hard that i cracked his skull.
Tijuana Cop: You should do like this. TOMAWAE!
by Mr Green November 15, 2006
The greatest trolls to ever inhabit the internet!

The Landover Baptist webpage is a web page devoted to making grossly exagerated statements of religious zeal in order to expose some of the ridiculous beliefs of some fundamentalist christian churches. They pretend to be highly religious, while at the same time mocking religion by using it against itself. They are so good at what they do, they are often misunderstood.

The church is fictional.
When the Landover Baptists post videos on youtube, most people don't know its a joke.

Most people can't tell that the Landover Baptist are not a real church group.
by Mr green April 29, 2013
1. Mythical humanoid creature said to be tall and brutish, possessing great regenerative powers. they are generally thought of as evil and malevolent, and to feast on human flesh

2. A playable race from the popular MMORPG game World of Warcraft™©®(where applicable) created by Blizzard ™©® entertainment. The Darkspear Trolls are one of the proud and heroic races of the "Horde". They have the racial ability of healing themselves over time,"berserking", "Da voodoo shuffle" and bow specialization. The Horde is the opposing faction of the "Alliance"

3. An internet troll, is any group or person who creates arguments on forums, chat rooms, comment pages, or anywhere on the internet that allows open interaction between people through written text. The skilled troll can create an argument on any subject. They generally use subversive techniques to mislead people in to thinking they believe a point of view that they in fact either know to be false or do not believe at all. A cunning and clever troll can incite an argument with another person over just about an subject.

ie: troll: "Don't you ever read the bible? The earth is the center of the universe, and it's a flat disc" victim: "Wow, seriously? were you home schooled by idiots or something? One of the first things you learn in school science is that the earth is a sphere, and revolves around the sun".

A true troll never actually believes in any statement they make, they spout falsity's in order to create friction.
1. The billy goats gruff were stopped by a troll that lived under a bridge. Harry Potter, Hermoine, and Ron, encountered a troll in the girls restroom.

2. I chose a troll hunter because they have great racial ability's

3. The Landover Baptists are the worlds greatest trolls.
by Mr green April 29, 2013

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