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Abbreviation of the term; On The Verge Of Gay. This describes a man who dresses very well but a slight nudge over the top could turn him B(eyond)O(n)T(he)V(erge)O(f)G(ay). in addition those men who do not dress well enough to reach this level are defined at N(ever)O(n)T(he)V(erge)O(f)G(ay).
Finally there is a sport/hobby that has evolved from this termed S(potting)P(eople)O(n)T(he)V(erge)O(f)G(ay) in which you watch a crowd and spot OTVOGs and variants.

There is a lesbian variant that we call OTVOL; O(n)T(he)V(erge)O(f)L(esbian)
Person 1: hey what you up to this evening?
Person 2: was hoping to do some more SPOTVOGing in soho you?
Person 1: now you say it, i think i will join you.
by Mr clingfilm April 20, 2011
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