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When discussing Indians there is often confusion about who you're talking about, native Americans or people from India. To clarify the matter you can ask, "Dot or feather?" The feather refering to native Americans or dot, referring to the red dot worn by Indian women.
Judy said, "I was downtown and a large group of Indians were in the park."
Chesney replied, "Indians? Dot or feather?"
Judy replied, "Feathers."

Steve said, "There's a new Indian TV channel on Direct."
Tilt replied, "Dot or feather?"
Steve, "Dot, lots of dots."
by MR WOLF September 07, 2007
The set of chairs or bench at the front of a store. This is where men who are with their women can sit to avoid as much of shoping experience as possible. The dudes will wait there until picked up on the womans way out of the store.
"Honey, I'll wait for you here at the dude bench."

Wolf went to the outlet mall with his SO (significant other), but spent most of the time on a dude bench watching other female shoppers.

"Sweetie, I'm tired so I'm take a rest on the dude bench."
by MR WOLF October 07, 2007
Any young child, generally annoying due to their very presence.
Mr Wolf and his significant other were thinking of having children until they went to Wal-Mart and saw all the unruly crib midgets. They changed their minds.

"Oh no, Sally is getting out of her car with her crib midgets."

The wedding reception was going great until the crib midget riot started.

San Antonio is the crib midget capital of North Mexico.
by MR WOLF January 25, 2008
City titties are the raised, reflective markers used to separate city traffic lanes. They make the distinctive thump, thump, thump, sound as you drive to the outer edges of a lane. They assist the daydreaming or drunk driver that they are going adrift in a sea of concrete.
Mr Wolf gets super annoyed when a driver rides the city titties hard and cause the passengers dental filings to fall out.

After leaving the bar, Kimster used the city titties to get out of the city to the safety of country roads.

Steve is convinced that city titties were put on the road to piss him off daily.

by MR WOLF January 24, 2008
A popular person in the music, movie, or TV industry who has it all but whose life has gone to shit. Usually not one odd scenario, but manages repeated odd behaviors. Also popwrecks tend to be well known by the law and paparazzi.
"Owen Wilson is the latest popwreck to go over the cliff."

"The popwreck, ho-lebrity trio of Britney, Lindsy, and Paris are making news again."

"Thank god Robert Downey Jr is no longer such a popwreck."

by Mr Wolf August 29, 2007
Rich, "famous" women from the music or film industry that act like they're on a new show, "Whores gone wild."
"Did you hear about the ho-lebrities doing 15 minutes of jail time? They would have given me 15 months."

"I watched the new TV Show for ho-lebrities called, I can't believe I'm this stupid. Loved the dumb-assed bitch attacking the car with an umbrella.
by Mr Wolf August 26, 2007
Southern combination of bubba and barbeque. A gathering of your best buddies (bubbas) and having a throw down barb-b-q. A mixture of massive amounts of beer, meat, cooking smoke, cigrettes, and unusually large men and women. After eating at the Bubba Q there will be redneck games that cause injury.
"Hey Shorty, we're having a Bubba Q at Timbo's Friday night. Bring a full cooler of Keystone Light."
"Jessica got naked at Wolf's Bubba Q last night."
"It was all fun at the Bubba Q until the hunting jeep rolled over. My favorite shotgun fell in the river."
by MR WOLF September 03, 2007

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