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4 definitions by Mr Weegels

Any potential objects and/or consumables that have anything to do with the manufacturing of spliffs.
Marijuana, Skins, tobacco, filter paper, tips, grinders, lighter, saliva, lungs, brains(some), psychadelic bugs.
"Could you pass me my spliffables, so we can get this party started?"
"F+ck man I lost all my spliffables!"
by Mr Weegels September 26, 2006
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1)A medical syndrome in which the penis has worn out with the passing of time.
The skin of the penis may sometimes become floppy, wrinkly, and will often appear dry.
2)A penis that can no longer attain an erection, due to old age or over use.
Word origin: decrepit and penis
"Professional slut: I fucked an old guy yesterday for a business promotion; he had a real nasty decrepenis."
"Doctor: I'm afraid you have been diagnosed with Decrepenis syndrome"
by Mr Weegels September 26, 2006
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The expression of a moleman when intoxicated with alcohol/ether. The subject is incapable of pronouncing any full word contain the sounds "puh" "buh" "muh" "nuh" .
Caused by depression of the tonsils located in the nasal cavity, due to intoxication this organ (only found in molemen) becomes relaxed and begins obstructing breathing.
"My your bed is very smelly"
"Mhby yoor mhbed is very smhbelly, mhelbmehl"

"Please pay me normally"
Mhblease nmpahy bmhe dhormally, mhelbmehl"
by Mr Weegels September 26, 2006
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Scramble and Vaus may be used as substitute words in possibly ANY saying.
Vaus representing the noun. (Vaus in plural form is no different from it's singular form.)
And scramble representing the verb or adjective.
Background: Arkanoid 1988
"That's not the way the cookie crumbles"=
"That's not the way the vaus scrambles"

"Don't count your chickens before they've hatched"=
"Don't count your vaus before they've scrambled"

"My... Your daughter surely looks beautiful today"
"My... Your vaus surely looks scrambled today"
by Mr Weegels April 12, 2005
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