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One of the best bands ever...some uneducated nobs say there just a evanescence rip off bollocks ...Nigthwish came out way before evanescence....ive got nothing against evanescence though, im a fan of there music.
The Riddler
Slaying The Dreamer
Over The Hills And Far Away
She is My Sin ....all quality Nightwish songs
by Mr Sinister November 12, 2004
A decent band from iowa. You either love them or hate them.
Most people class there as Nu-Metal but id class it as a mix between Nu metal, Rap metal and industrial metal
SLipknot...not the best band in the world but much better than some of the shit around today...liek Linkin Park for example
by Mr Sinister November 12, 2004
One of the greatest bands ever....people complain coz there music doesnt fit into any genre...id have thought this was a good thing because it makes them original......it really pisses me off when twats saying there true goths say they hate cradle coz cradle are popular....maybe just maybe cradle are popular coz there fuckin excellant.....what the deal with true goths...( aka twats who arnt goths and just wanna look good...in my opinion people shudnt give a fuck about labels ) disliking anything popular
Cruelty Bought Thee Orchids and funeral in carpathia = 2 of the best ever songs
by Mr Sinister November 12, 2004
A shit copy of a shit band ( HIM ) al lthe little preteen kids clas them as goth and listen to them as thye want to be a goth....RASMUS ARNT GOTH....there pop shite
Listen to a proper goth metal band such as Nightwish, Within Temptation, Lullacry or Karma
by Mr Sinister November 12, 2004

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