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A drug sold as aroma therapy, sold in the united states, and while illegal in some states can be found in many others. The effects are similar to Meth, Crack, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Pcp, and is classified as a euphoric stimulant, however that is only with mephedrone, and snorting doses are between 15mg and 125mg while orally is between 200mg to 300mg. The simpler yet cheaper drug MDPV has similar effects but unlike mephedrone that has a 2 to 4 hour come down MDPV has a 2 to 48 hour comedown with withdrawal effects such as;

Suicidal tendencies

schizophrenia/ paranoia and extreme anxiety




the shits


People abuse the drug on three to four day binges usually ending up in the hospital getting there stomachs pumped, MDPV is the worst type of bath salts and although the side effects listed are for heavy usage the effects of the drug vary from person to person.

the third form of bathsalts is methylone which is a euphoric empathogen and literally makes life seem perfect no matter what is going on , also known as explosion and is the pure form of mephedrone, and unless your life is completely fucked then i wouldnt even go near it , not to mention it is very hard for most people to find.

So as for bathsalts go, the mephedrone based is the way to go and one with a strong healthy body should consume no more than 1000mg over a 24 hour period. Watch out for vascular constriction and heart palpitations.
Bath Salt- a drug that adds a kick to life :)
by Mr Salt August 17, 2011

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