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What happens when you give someone a facial that goes around both eyes and the mouth
I shot it on her face, but she could still see because I gave her a ski mask.
by Mr Pokey January 10, 2005
In a way that is full of buttsex... whatever that means.
That guy danced with that other dude very buttsexfully... what a fag.
by Mr Pokey February 01, 2005
A disturbing sexual method used in an orgy, where an ejaculation is directed onto another penis, and then inserted into someone else's orifice.
Anyone who does the Indiana Snowplow has got to be gay...
by Mr Pokey February 01, 2005
1. Short for 'concoction,' but with an extreme good or bad meaning

2. A drink mixed with someone's cock as a practical joke
1. Good: That bartender can mix up a kick-ass coction!

Bad: That nasty coction almost killed me!

2. Johnny the waiter served the mean slut a coction after she told him he wasn't getting a tip.
by Mr Pokey February 01, 2005
An orgy, where the members take turns playing Nintendo the entire time.
We had a Mario Party, and I got to pretend I had a Yoshi tongue.
by Mr Pokey March 16, 2004
A condition of extreme anger resulting in some way from a female...
That bitch has pussed me off for the last time...
by Mr Pokey February 22, 2005

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