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1. A brain which is actually filled with nothing but piss.
2. Some idiot who has pissed on his brains.
3. A good name to call a dunce.
4. Useless fool.
A dumbass who has verbal diarrhoea. (good name to call someone, i.e. your best pal)
by Mr Piss-Brains January 29, 2004
1. Someone who is ugly
2. Someone's face which looks like plastic surgery gone wrong
3. Someone who looks like a complete twat
4. Someone who seriously needs a facial operation but can't get one
5. Someone who looks like you
Your mum and your mum, AND your mum!
by Mr Piss-Brains January 29, 2004
Frosty, the snowman.
A rather lonely looking snowman called Joe.
by Mr Piss-Brains February 12, 2004
a complete willy
'look at that guy over there...'
'yeah, he's such a bell end'
'i bet you he's called joe...'
by Mr Piss-Brains February 06, 2004

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