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See fat ass. – (noun) The ‘Chompmyster’ is a individual that endeavours to ruin films for entire audiences through the consummation of ‘noisy’ food such as crisps and haribo. Another characteristic is the inability to stop talking, even when asked to do so. Often physical force has to be used , such is the iron will of these individual.
How to spot a ‘Chompmyster’:- these individuals are usually seated alone, as friend move away from them to avoid noise.
They are always obese (around 4-5ft in diameter.)
They will always have food with them, no matter how expensive the cinema food is.
‘Chompmysters’ sit near the middle of the cinema to maximise there disruptive influence, aka ruining the film for everyone.
"shut the hell up chompmyster"
#fat boy #lardo #you-with-the-crisps #fat ass #noise bucket
by Mr P November 04, 2005
fagotree - (adjective) (fag-ot-tree) a word that describes a dire situation.
Originates from the greek 'fag' meaning gay or crap (has nothing to do with homosexuality) conjoined with the prefix o-tree, meaning 'it is' or 'of', together they become 'it is crap' or 'of gay'
1. "thats fagotree"
2. "your just full of fagotree"
#gayo #shitorama #naf #foobar #crapo
by Mr P November 26, 2005
Wham'oh (wu-am-ow) Wham'oh is a word used to descibe a particularly explosive or sudden event. usually said loadly and suddenly
"wham'oh" <shrtly followed with a large blast marker placed over a large number of men.
#ka-blooey #wham #shabang #smack #eat-that-you-space-marine-bastards
by Mr P November 05, 2005
Dead'o (noun) (du-ead-oh) Dead'o the action of dieing in a glourious manner, usualy and out right kill, no armours saves, no, not even 2+. If not an instant kill, it is usualy proclaimed at the death of perticularly important character or thing.
This word can also be used after wham'oh. see wham'oh
"ah ha your librarian is deado"
"deado" (while pointing at the landraider thats just been gaussed up real good)
#ultimate humiliation! #corpsed #boom baby #wham'oh #uber kill
by Mr P December 03, 2005
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