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Comedy Central

Someone who tries to be funny all the time but just pisses everyone off.
'I wish John would shut the fuck up, he thinks he's Comedy Central!'
by Mr Orange Hodgkiss May 07, 2009
The juice or creme produced by a sexually excited vagina.
Phil: I had an awesome night with a sloshpot last night, her pussy was so wet.

John: Nothing beats the taste of fresh quim creme

Phil: Fuck yeah!!!
by Mr Orange Hodgkiss May 11, 2009
When a female becomes so sexually excited her vagina produces loads of excess juice.
John: I was eating out my girlfriend's pussy last night and she got so fuckin' wet

Phil: awesome

John: I had to wear swimming goggles, there was so much fanny plasma!
by Mr Orange Hodgkiss May 11, 2009
A female employee who appears to be smoking hot, but out of the workplace you wouldn't normally give her a second look.
Phil: I went for a few drinks in the city this weekend and saw Betty in a bar

John: man she is so fit, I would love to fuck her

Phil: Nah she's just Office Candy. She looked minging when i saw her the other day.


Phil: I saw that fit girl from work out last night, but she looked rotton!

John: Yeah, shes just 'Office Candy'!
by Mr Orange Hodgkiss May 11, 2009

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