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A state of blissful ignorance noted by a complete lack of awareness of surroundings and social cues.
His constant Tayistic state resulted in his forced redundancy. Tayism is common in his workplace.
by Mr Miyagi's 3rd Cat March 18, 2009
The delicate art of avoiding work and responsibilities by delegating one's tasks to subordinates and in doing so, exploiting one's seniority.
Hudsonism was common within the management team of the small biotech company specialising in antibody based therapeutics and diagnostics.
by Mr Miyagi's 3rd Cat January 21, 2010
A state of derangement whereby the individual affected relies upon a combination of prescription and illicit drugs in an attempt to cope with their manic delusions, lack of certainty regarding their sexual preference, sociopathic behaviour and overall pathetic existence.
Turattism was to blame for his inappropriate behaviour in the failing biotech company.
by Mr Miyagi's 3rd Cat January 21, 2010
A tube-shaped optical instrument that is used by small biotech companies that when rotated does not produce a vision, but rather remains blank.
He is about as useful as a michailidioscope when what is needed is clear vision and direction.
by Mr Miyagi's 3rd Cat February 26, 2010

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