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A word used when you hurt yourself
"Knocked funny bone", Ouchies!!
by Mr Miyagi May 27, 2004
Word from which things may be looking to go wrong and only just avoiding the situation - Australian slang discovered on the gold coast
" kid falling from a 100 foot drop and surviving" ahhh your doing a sketchy miyagi there son!
by Mr Miyagi May 26, 2004
Same meaning as ok just spelt oka, taken from the propagandhi song oka everywhere and made into a word in 2000
How was the show?
It was oka
by Mr Miyagi May 26, 2004
1.A word to use when mis - treated or got a bad deal, used often in english maori new zealand speach!

2.Also used in other english maori sentences. e.g in translation to a person
1. Ow give my brothers skateboard back

2. Nah Ow I did'nt get my shoes back
by Mr Miyagi May 26, 2004
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