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A word for a typical American. As much as they like to think that the stereotypes surrounding them are false, they wouldn't be there without reason.

Typically (but not always) it is 100% accurate. I mean, if you don't want to be thought of as nation who eats nothing but McDonalds, don't build one on the frontlines of a battleground. Isn't that taking it a little far?

Also American culture is rather... lacking. It goes as far as translating a foregein television program. But they don't just translate it, no that's not the American way. They have to bastardise it, by completly changing the script and jokes so that the nations small mind can understand the joke. In most cases, this goes from being a joke of incredible wit and timing, and ends up as someone falling on his arse.

Also, it has been statistally proven time and time again, that America is the fattest country in the world, with Japan being the slimest. Russia is rapidly catching up to America however, as they seem to be being hit heavily by the fowl curse also known as "Americanisation".

Also a term to mean a species of Human that is at least an age behind the rest of the world, evolution wise, hence why they shouldn't be expected to be as intelligent as the rest of the world.
Waiter (to a Yank) : Can I get you anything else, sir?"
Yank : "Oink, Oink, a trough would be good, cutlery only wastes time."
#american #pig #moron #bastadiser #ignorant
by Mr May September 02, 2006
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