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The origins of this word can be found in ancient Aradhippou, known now as ' Kingdom of Aradhippou' in Cyprus. It is essential to use it as many times as possible within sentences, mainly at the end. This way it is easy to recognise if the person is from the Kingdom, although Barbarians are also using it widely now to sound cool.
Ise kala oan?
Nai, olan. Esou olan?
Pompa olan.
Nai, olan. Nai.
by Mr Markou April 07, 2005
A kingdom in Cyprus having a city-state like structure. If indeed the rebegining of humanity is sourced back to Noa, Aradhippou is where Noa's ark was found after the kataklysm. Humanity-Adropia is found in abundance in Aradhippou.
I wish i was from Aradhippou.
Aradhippou tziai ksero pswmi.
by Mr Markou April 10, 2005
Striniara filoi mou einai mia kai monadiki.Rodoulla. Prepei prwta ap' ola na min exei trixa panw tis ektos apo ta mallia tis kai afta prepi na einai xrwmatos portokalli. Ta alla ola mporeite na ta fantasteite kai monoi sas. Peritton na anaferw oti gamase prin na tin gamisis.
Striniara mou esi.
Etsi striniara gineka den xanaeida.
by Mr Markou April 28, 2005
An essential component in a man's recipe for happiness. With out her Life is worthless. Characteristics such as 'Loyalty' and 'Strina' striniara are a small sample from the abyss of her soul.
I want my Rodoulla now or I will kill myself.
Aman, ti Rodoulla en touti.
Re file ise polla tixeros....makari na ixa je gw mian Rodoulla.
by Mr Markou April 28, 2005

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