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Abbreviation of the word cardigan. Often used in popular culture. Usually used for men's cardigans.
"Its a bit chilly, I'm just going to pop on my cardigan"
by Mr Luva May 31, 2009
When someone is so good at Tetris they can't be beaten by the machine.
"Dude he is untetrible"
by Mr Luva June 06, 2009
When a person has spent so long on facebook they can't take it anymore.
"Dude how long have you been on facebook?"
"I dunno but I am faced-out"
by Mr Luva June 05, 2009
when you purposely put something random into the wrong instant message conversation, and then laugh at the reaction.
MrLuva: "no i did do THAT with my teacher! i did other things tho, if you know what i mean ;)"
Kettlex: "what??!!?!? so the teacher cheated one me!"
MrLuva: "Oh sorry, wrong convo"
MrLuva:"its the wrong conversation game"
by Mr Luva June 08, 2009

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