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Italo-Venezuelans are the Venezuelan citizens of Italian descent. The word may refer to someone born in Venezuela of Italian descent or to someone who has emigrated to Venezuela from Italy. Among European Venezuelans, Italians are the largest groups of immigrants to settle in the country.
Examples Of Venezuelan-Italian s include

Jaime Lusinchi. President of Venezuela (1984-1989)
Raul Leoni. President of Venezuela (1963-1968)
Agostino Codazzi. Geographer, Cartographer, Military Officer, Governor
Renny Ottolina. Artist, TV Anchor, Politician
Pompeo D'Ambrosio. Financial Manager, Vice-President of Bank
Johnny Cecotto. Sportman (moto & race cars)
Daniela Di Giacomo. Miss International 2006
Ivan Palazzese. Sportman (moto)
Franco De Vita. Artist, Singer, Composer, Pianist
Marco Scutaro. International Baseball Player
Italo Pizzolante. Poet, Composer, Musician
Viviana Gibelli.
Gerardo Lazzo (Me)
by Mr Lazzo March 17, 2009

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