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Also known as a 'Hopo'

To forcibly insert your finger in somebody's anus. (As originally performed by Rugby League player John Hopoate).
that poof was trying to give him a hopo!
by Mr Jones April 25, 2005
(1) A gooey translucent liquid substance that cums from a males penis. Homosexuals and slappers love the taste
(2) A great word to yell out a car window
(3) The substance referred to in (1), that burns with an awful smell when brothels burn down
(1) Oliver that homo was drinking a jizm slurpy, he sucked that guy dry
That damn slapper, she was sucking jizm all night long

(2) Jizzzuuuuuuuuuuuuum!

(3) Ooooh, I hate the smell of sizzling jizm
by Mr Jones April 25, 2005
Johnny Nally. Known as Prophet for his insightful comments and observations.
When he said: 'Daniel is Desmo's anal poker, his chode smoker, the blackjack and stumpy joker'
by Mr Jones April 25, 2005

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