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Arguably the greatest professional wrestler of all time. His matches are still widely available online: if you can stomach what he did, you must check them out.

Benoit had major success in ECW, WCW and WWE and is recognized by PWI and WWE as a two-time world champ, having held both the WCW and WWE World Heavyweight Championships. He was booked to become a three-time world champ on the night of his death, winning the not-yet-disgraced ECW World Heavyweight Championship, which would surely have carried on its legacy rather than have it become a worthless piece of tin that was retired three years later.

Benoit was always known as a good man, not a calculating, immoral guy. He snapped. Brain malfucntions can happen to anyone at any time, folks.
Chris Benoit was the greatest technical wrestler of all time. Even the most heinous of crimes can't change this.
by Mr Harold June 11, 2010

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