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A punch with a twist of confidence and smug revelry.

Alternatives include paaanch or paaaaaaaaaaaanch depending of the level of accentuation required.
"This monkey was jiving me so I fixed his wagon with a panch"

"Man, I'm so sorry for denting your schvinkenvankan." "Paaaaaaanch!"
by Mr Fisty May 14, 2006
A person who's gone beyond the point of crazy and has finally flipped out.

Derives it's origins from the crazies who have taken a rifle to the top of a clock tower, presumably because the ticking of a giant clock is soothing to some people.
"Whoa man, did you hear that Mickey went nuts and panched that guy for dinging his car?"

"Yeah, I always thought he was a total Clocktower."


"If I don't make some friends soon, I'm gonna go Clocktower."
by Mr Fisty June 18, 2006

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