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Very similar to LOLWTF.

A keyboard expression where lol and O_O mix together, used in an otherwise inconceivable situation in which you see something that surprises you, but at the same time, forces an involuntary chuckle out of you.
Are you afraid of the dark scared the shit out of him as a kid, but when he grew up, he booted up an episode on youtube and involuntarily laughed at the scary moments. It was truly a helpless LO_OL situation.
by Mr Dark February 10, 2009
A fictional bacteria from the MSX game "Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake". It is capable of producing crude oil and replicating at an astounding pace, and is planned to be used as a fuel source by humanity. However, while Dr. Marv, its inventor, is on his way to a conference to present the formula, he is kidnapped by a terrorist group led by Big Boss, thus triggering the events of the game. At the end, it is supposedly delivered to the colonel.
Dr. Marv and the OILIX formula have been taken to Zanzibar land. You must recover them, snake.
by Mr Dark May 05, 2008
Character from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, the sidekick of Gaston. He spends most of the time praising Gaston in an exaggerated way. Additionally, he seems to have extremely bad luck, as when someone (most of the time Gaston) tries to oppose him in any way, he never wins.
Lefou: No one's slick like Gaston, no one's quick like Gaston...

Lefou: What happened?
Gaston: Out of my way! *pushes lefou, who lands in a pool of rainwater*
by Mr Dark April 28, 2008
Often a product of fantastic works or videogame logic, pissics take a piss in the face of physics.
"How did they manage to make a waterskiing course with a stream of water just hovering in the middle of the air?"

"Simple, videogames are ruled by the laws of pissics"
by Mr Dark December 23, 2009

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