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Brethren are a sepratist cult who maintain that they are a branch of the christian chrurch. They believe that theyare not of this earth and are better than everyone else. They do not use any technology i.e television computers etc as they are " the tools of the devil". brethren operate in a separate community to ours and control there members through fear and bullying. No brethren may seek education past the secondary level and any questioning of their faith means that they will be disowned and shut out. Brethren women do not decide wo they marry and may not complain about their treatment, the men and boys of the family eat before and in a different room to the women and girls. Even though they are supposedly above non-brethrens they still use our doctors, supermarkets, schools etc. They are parasites. How can I say this with out fear of reprisal? they dont use computers so there.
"Brethrens are evil throw things at them"
by Mr Curtain April 28, 2006

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