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Apart from the orginal word of cooler which most people know what it means. In casino terms, it is someone that has bad luck to make other people lose.
I didn't win coz that stupid cooler was always leaning over my shoulder all the time.

I reckon that guy I played blackjack with was a cooler.
by Mr Corrupt October 29, 2004
It means sperm, cum, spooge, jizz etc.
It was only when I pointed out the "contact cement" on my girlfriend's shirt that I realised how big my load was.
by Mr Corrupt June 23, 2005
Apart from the normal meaning. Scrap can be used to describe chickz that gets dumped and picked up over and over again.
You can have my scraps, I'm done with her.

I don't want know dirty scrappy slag.
by Mr Corrupt October 29, 2004
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