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When you are "doing", "bumming", "ploughing", "banging", etc. someone up the arse, she/he (if your a poofter) farts and blows your dick off.
John: "Tom, why are you clutching your crotch?"

Tom: "Arse Blast I'm afraid" Clutching the hole in his groin

John: Ouch!

by Mr Coolio October 24, 2007
Similar to an Arse Blast, but this time they follow through.
John: "Say whats that smell Tom?"

Tom: "You don't want to know mate", Taking in the fumes from the crevice where his penis once stood.

John: "Let me guess, Sloppy Arse Blast?"

Tom: "You got it!"
by Mr Coolio October 24, 2007
A fart that usually ends up with a follow through or if your really, really unfortunate, your ass turns inside out
Tina: "Oh Johnny, give it to me hard!"

Johhny: "Uh uh, yeah, keep it coming..."

Tina: "Ahhh fuck, my ass just erupted!"

Johnny: "Shit, I got your ass all over me!"

Tina: "God those Anal Eruptions ROCK!"
by Mr Coolio October 24, 2007

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