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5 definitions by Mr Birling

When you annihilate something, usually with an explosion, based upon actions took by the American army who claim any place thats destroyed by them is "liberated"
can be assigned to individuals to, especially muscley americans
chuck norris liberated that hut

you liberated that deoderant can

youve been liberated

i liberated them good
by Mr Birling April 28, 2009
18 8
Anything when you look old and could suit a top hat/bowler hat, something from the olden days, or when your extremely capitalist and exploit people and enjoy it, hate poor people etc
He looks a bit of a birling

your being very birling

banks are very birling-esque
by Mr Birling April 26, 2009
3 0
When you fest about, sitting about doing anything that results in you smelling, ie sex, masturbation, eating shit etc, doing nothing for long periods of time

this can be a group activity or on your own
ive been festing all day
lets have a fest sesh
by Mr Birling April 26, 2009
7 4
A manly meal, when fried breakfast is in any container, this can be from anything from a polystyrene food container to a large wooden crate, you can also fest in the food too so sometimes called a breakFEST box.
i just at a breakfast box, im now a real man

im going to fest in my breakfast box
by Mr Birling April 30, 2009
1 1
A debatebetween men which is purely suitable for men, generally about women, sex etc

a typical one would be talking about who youve recently shagged.
Man 1: I dont know what to do about my girlfriend, shes suffocating me

Man 2: lets have a man bate then.....

Man 1: We need a man bate, who's the hottest girl at work?
by Mr Birling May 11, 2009
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