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Same thing as a rake - a thin person who eats like a horse without putting on any weight whatsoever. In short, a lucky bastard.

Could also mean a type of shaggy haircut that's popular with students and road protesters.
1. "Eat this burger, you fucking mop!"

2. "I would climb down this tree but my mop is caught in the branches."
by Mr Ben February 08, 2005
To shoot or snipe someone in the back, without their knowledge (and probably, their approval).
"I would happily shoot him if he was on the job. Gloop him!" - Rimmer to Lister, "Red Dwarf - Justice"
by Mr Ben February 07, 2005
Name given to the informal links that criss-cross upper society, enabling people with power to do favours in exchange for favours with someone else in a different area of expertise. May also be called bribery and cheating buggery.
"I need a loan but my bank manager can't help me. Can you lend me a couple of thousand until the divorce is settled?" - typical plea given when consulting the Old Boy's Network.
by Mr Ben February 07, 2005
One who suffers from the terrible afflication known as machoegotism. Can also be used as an insult, meaning one who is a twat.
"That Paul is a complete machoegotist!"
by Mr Ben February 07, 2005
1. A Victorian device used for drying clothes.

2. To wreck or distort by applying force to it. For example, a colleague at work frequently mangles the English language by trying to speak it.
1. "I say, Edward! Have you ran my bloomers through the mangle yet, what?"

2. "I would like one pint of biter peas."
by Mr Ben February 09, 2005
A person who can eat shitloads of food but not put on any weight. Big hair not required. See also mop.
"I was a rake until I went to University and now look at me."
by Mr Ben February 08, 2005
To be over-protective or smoothering of another individual. A mumsey person will not stop to think how mumsey they are - indeed, they will not see how embarrassing or annoying it can be.
"Make sure you've got everything. I've put enough sandwiches in your suitcase to feed a small army and I've squeezed in two thermos flasks of coffee. Don't forget to call us when you ge back! Have you got everything..." - typical mumsey reaction when I return to London after visiting the parents in Norfolk.
by Mr Ben February 08, 2005
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