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A term used to describe the act of removing your dick from a partners back and receiving face immediately afterward. Made famous by a semi-popular musician from the mean streats of Boston.
"This boston brute should give you something to think about next time your cleaning your ass"
by Mr B. Beauty February 21, 2004
The dick that eats like a meal. Easy access and high in protein.
Mike opened up the soup can for all to enjoy, and no one left unfulfilled.
by Mr B. Beauty February 21, 2004
A very large, horselike member, with impressive girth, enormous length and unbelievable stamina. Typically known for its forceful ejaculation and long strokes (or strides). Named for its similarity to the male horse genitalia and its dark color.
"Charles doesn't use Black Beauty to plow fields, but rather your mom, sister, wife and daughter."
by Mr B. Beauty February 21, 2004

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