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A Pudgeworth is a bloated, fat relative of the species Homo Sapiens. They can be identified by having more chins than a Chinese phone book, more rolls than a bakery and being somewhat short. They are often found eating, sometimes dumpster scraps if no other food is available. They usually claim to work at a location known as 'Mungry Jacks' although no such business has ever been found and this is considered to be a slang term for stuff my face with mud cake. Pudgeworths are prone to bouts of anger if called Pudgeworth or fat, however they are typically weak and easily beaten into the ground.
Holy Crap Pudgeworth put the fork down, they can't make shirts any bigger you know!
by Mr B February 06, 2005
A wombo is a lump composed primarily of fat and occupies a large amount of space. Capable of only minor movements and thoughts they are useless blobs of cells and the only thing they can do rapidly is consume food. A wombo is generally thought to be an offspring of a pudgeworth. Capable of greatly swaying emotions they tend to anger quickly and attempt to fight back by means of pitiful thashing of 2 stumpy arms. They are generally not-dangerous, their mouth capacity is insufficent to eat anything larger than an apple at one time, their only defence mechanism seems to be a rather foul odour emitted after short lengths of movement.
Capable of digested almost anything they are a blight on today's civilisation and often live in close proximity to dumpsters or other sources of discarded food products.
Better stay away from that dumpster dude, there a wombo munching on the contents of it and if we go near it it might get enraged and unleash it's dreaded stench!
by Mr B February 13, 2005

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