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Marina is a very beautiful girls name. Anyone with the name Marina is the coolest person in the world!

A girl that is absolutely stunning and has the body of a Godess with plenty of boobs and ass. She has a very lovable nature and once you get to know here you will wonder where she has been all your life.

Marina's are fun, lovable, kind, dirty minded, hot, beautiful, crazy, gorgeous and down to earth! This type of girl deserves to be unconditionally loved and treated like a princess at all times :)
Alex: I know this smokeing hot ginga in my Accounting 101 class, gawd daym shes fine!

Ryan: O yer, have i seen her?

Alex: Fuck yer, shes that stunner that rocked the Blue dress in the Business School

Ryan: O yer, Man shes a Babe!

Alex: Yer thats Marina :)
by Mr A Wright June 07, 2011

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