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Not to be confused with whatever, wuhhuhbuh is a term used to indicate confusion or ignorance with regards to a specific matter.
"Mr Ben, what do you think about the economic climate within Bulgaria and it's impact on the common European markets when Bulgaria joins the EU in 2007?"

by Mr Ben February 07, 2005
A derogatory term, used to describe bogus-sounding chemicals found in various products within the cosmetics industry.
"New Pantene Pro-V Ultra! With polyhydro-oxides and vitamin G17! Restores the shine to your hair!" - "polyhydro-oxides" and "vitamin G17" are two examples of newidiums.
by Mr Ben February 08, 2005
The absolute worst form of something. The opposite of the Real McCoy - if it's the Real McCinsey, you're fucked mister!
"This pizza is total McCinsey! I want my money back, bitch!"
by Mr Ben February 07, 2005
A sudden and inexplicable increase in customers, causing massive amounts of damage and devastation. Then, just as strangely as it appears, the whole thing blows over and the place is empty and now wrecked.
"We've just had a bit of a tornado in here, Boss."
by Mr Ben February 07, 2005
A small but iritating (and extremely painful) cut halfway along one's penis.
"I can't tonight, love. I've got a mid-shaft gash."
by Mr Ben February 08, 2005
Cockney rhyming slang for someone who excessively masturbates, a wanker. Slightly better than calling someone a Gareth Hunt, at any rate.
"Get up the apple and pears, you Barclay's banker! I don't Adam and Eve it..."
by Mr Ben February 11, 2005
Not to be confused with slightly, a slighty is a semi-transparent night dress worn by women. Tragically, older women.
"Woa dude! I was watching your TV and your mom came down wearing this white slighty! I was so emabarrassed!"
by Mr Ben February 10, 2005

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