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i dirty batch of weed that will only get you high if you smoke crack with it
ughh this AIDS weed is AIDS we better go get some crack to compensate
by MozeleyBaby July 19, 2010
The cool way of saying 'in my opinion'. It is often said after sharing pretty suspect opinions/bullshit. It can be abbreviated to 'ILTTS'
''aslong as they provide sexual favours women should be allowed the same rights as men...i like to think so''

'aslong as they provide sexual favours disabled people should be allowed the same rights as men...i like to think so''

''i hope my neighbour lets her children in the garden tonight so i can watch them play...i like to think so''

''i met a black person yesterday...i like to think so''
by MozeleyBaby April 10, 2012
Ninja Rapists (taken from the mortal kombat character Raiden)
ughh look at all them Raipens hanging at the corner i think sommin gon go on there

whats a Raipen?

*arnold from different strokes voice
by MozeleyBaby January 08, 2011
a term usually repeatedly shouted while taking a huge shit to cover up the noises.

infact you can call Kanye West upon anything.

if in doubt/denial cover ears,close eyes,shout and call Kanye West upon it he will find a way my brother
*takes huge shit

*shouts over noises* ''KANYE WEST KANYE KANYE WEST YEAHHH''

''yeah ill have a lotto ticket,a packet of skittles and a geypornmagazinenohomoshhhhhhh''

''we dont sell them''

*interupts,covers ears,walks off shouting* ''KANYE WEST KANYE WEST KANYE WEST''

''im pregnant''

by MozeleyBaby November 29, 2010
when someones on your dick accussing you of sommin stupid

on your dick like a blowjob
''did you complete a bowel movement and release a stool upon my unsuspecting dog''

''cool story blow''

''did you deplete your bladder on my toilet''

''cool story blow''

''did you cut the brakes on my wheelchair''

''cool story blow''
by MozeleyBaby November 21, 2010
Another meaning for butterface

A woman who has a beautiful body (much like a butterfly) but a ugly face
ugghh bluh that bitch got butterflies quickly someone get a bag or mask or sommin i dont wanna spoil this beautiful body because she got butterfly bitch CURSE YOU BUTTERFLY GENIE
by MozeleyBaby September 19, 2010

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