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3 definitions by Mozee

Awesome video game developed by The Behemoth, Dan Paladin synj being the artist and creator of the characters, backrounds, and other art. A truly unique game that is a rare 2D gem among a sea of rushed 3D games. Flash version can be played on newgrounds
I spent so much time playing Alien Hominid, I think my eyes are bleeding!
by Mozee October 01, 2004
Boards of Canada. Some of the best ambient/electronica music to ever grace the earth.
I listened to BoC on the trip yesterday.

BoC's music is incredible
by Mozee April 20, 2006
I'll Give You All My Love.

A song by WAX from Pump It Up: Exceed 2. Catchy music with an extremely fun stepchart.
I've seen that guy S IGYAML on Nightmare!
I played IGYAML a few times at the arcade today.
by Mozee May 01, 2006